designITezy wall clock that is chosen to grace the walls of a home has a number of different purposes. The wooden wall clock is one such form of decoration that adds a great deal to the personality.

Compliment any surroundings

designITezy wall clocks are stylish and contemporary, allowing you to express your individuality.

The wood wall clock is one such form of decoration that adds a great deal to the personality of the entire space. In addition, it can be used to accurately reflect the personality of the person who owns the home as well as the tone of the room itself.

  • Add an artistic touch to your home
  • Warm contemporary look
  • Carefully finished by our skilled craftsmen

Made in india

Made in India by skilled craftsmen using only high-quality quartz movement. When you buy a clock from Designitezy, you will look at it many times each day. The quality is therefore paramount and we believe your clock deserves to be individual and special: a proper timepiece for the modern home.

Suitable for indoor / outdoor

Our wall clock range encompasses an array of finishes and features—including indoor/outdoor clocks, quartz or automatic movement, analog or digital clock faces, wooden cases, desk clocks, and more.

Made with natural wood

designITezy wall clocks are made of natural wood and the natural colours of wood give it a rustic look. It has a very soft and light tone which gives it a homely feel.

Made in India

At Designitezy we make products in India and ship them around the country

Size can be customized

Designitezy offers wall clocks in various colors, shapes, and sizes at an affordable prices with unique designs.

designITezy Wallclocks

These clocks can be a great addition to your decor. It has an elegant design and lush vibrant colors. The clocks are made in India and are of very good craftsmanship.

We are manufacturers of contemporary wall clocks inspired by house interiors and furniture pieces that can be used in any room of a home to add an artistic touch and a warm contemporary look. Our designs set us apart as different from the other clocks available online, in the marketplace, or in retail stores. Our wall clocks are available in various sizes from the petite, small, medium, and large size wall clocks.