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We, Design It Ezy venture of Eventuate Innovations Pvt Ltd is a group of experts started by YOUNG engineers.

We are recognized as the BEST INNOVATIVE BRAND AWARD and INNOVATION OF THE YEAR AWARD. we are experts in manufacturing one of India’s finest exquisite indoor and outdoor water art fountains and waterfalls.

Scope to sell wide and expand, our expertise lies in online sales drive of home decor products like wooden wall arts, wall clocks, wooden wall partitions, tea coasters, and so on with custom styles.

We aim to bring the homeowner’s creative mind into the real world.


History About Us
Design is transformative

Design IT Ezy has gained a strong reputation for accomplishing excellence in quality, innovation, and delivery while furnishing our customers with a level of services that live up to their desires.

We believe that the best design results from deep insight into the people and passions that animate each unique environment.

To further develop our corporate strengths, we have established a corporate mandate to maintain strong core values that truly reflect the company’s philosophy.

Our Expertise

Interior Design85%
3D Skills85%

Custom Products

Design your own

Make your own customized items. Browse our exceptional things and plan them yourself! Add novel plans to any of your custom items. We customize products and check that the result which fits the allocated space.

The Design It Ezy offers each model of cascades and water fountains and permits you to modify your choice.