Green Room Dividers 

Flexibility and Sustainability  are important guiding parameters of the modern professional world and workplace design. Changing requirements and teams require a customized room layout. Our mobile plant walls are small-format premium plant walls that can be planted on both sides: functional indoor climate wonders, perfectly suited for structuring particularly large, open office spaces.

Sound proof room greening

They make a considerable contribution to the reduction of noise and are also a valuable element in modern offices for other occupational medical reasons. Studies show that green spaces promote both concentration and motivation, and lead to overall well-being, a good climate and significantly lower sick leave.

Climate- enhancing room

we recommend the use of our plant walls: they are by their sophisticated technology true indoor climate wonders and potentiate the positive effects on humidity, air quality and room acoustics.

Plants thus prove to be real all-rounders in daily life and ensure increased productivity in every place.


Increase well being 

People not only feel better in a green working environment, but are also healthier. Where there is green, there is water, food, shade and protection – so deep is this primordial instinct anchored in our genes that we can literally measure the positive effect of indoor greening even in the modern world of work. Office complaints and sick leave are visibly decreasing, employee satisfaction and productivity increase noticeably, where a well thought-out greening concept ensures a pleasant room and working environment. And a low sick leave is an important economic and social factor, especially in times of tight budgets.