Home growing saves you money and makes sure that no harmful chemicals are added to your plants. But with work, family, and school who has the time?   Introducing Ezygrow, the all-in-one growing system that takes the work out of growing. Plant sampling and let Ezygrow do all the work for you. All you have to do is kick back and relax knowing that Ezygrow is growing you high-quality yields. Every. Time. 

Air 360 planters

Plant filled homes are one of the hottest trends and featuring your favorite plants in these circle wall planters will put you ahead of the curb. If there’s a spot in your home that doesn’t feel complete or balanced, fill it with a row of succulents planted in our wall planter. This is a decision you won’t regret.

Fully automatic wall planter

EzyGrow together with the technology behind the smart plant wall increases the effect of the plants’ air purifying ability.We breathe 5,000 liters of air each day. By collecting a part of nature, EzyGrow’s smart plant walls naturalize the air you inhale and promote your well-being by creating more healthy and happy workplaces

  • sophisticated irrigation system.
  • Exclusive lightweights
  • Portable and wall mounted.

Air 60 planter

Fill any room with life and immediately make spaces vibrant and balanced. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, family room, or bedroom.

Future of home growing


Ezygrow is an all-in-one system that’s designed to help you grow the highest quality yields. Nurturing your plants so only the best produce makes it to the finish line. We’re making gardening easy.

Ezygrow is the future of home growing. Curated plant samples are at the heart of Ezygrow. This means no more worrying about which strains to grow; just pick your favorite from a list of tried and true plants. The system takes everything you need to grow successfully and puts it in one box, and odds are it already fits into your lifestyle, as well as under your bed or anywhere you can think to store it.

Hugely decorative

They are hugely decorative and at the same time contribute greatly to improving acoustics and cleaning the air. Mostly, they can be installed in completely unused spaces, and the large plant area is unmatched to promote creativity and a stress-free environment.

Refined irrigation system.

From the outside a unique planter, From the inside a sophisticated irrigation system. so your plants become “self–sufficient”.Exclusive lightweights that bring the treasures of nature to your premises.

Improves air quality

We recommend the use of our wall plants, they are by their sophisticated technology true indoor climate wonders and potentiate the positive effects on humidity, air quality, and room acoustics.

Plants thus prove to be real all-rounders in daily life and ensure increased productivity in every place.

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