Ezy Hydro Droplet Waterfall

The Ezy hydro droplet is a droplet water feature. It is the overall appearance that creates a fresh, clean atmosphere. The Hydro droplet guides invisibly to create just the right falling drop size and speculum shape.

Fresh rain atmosphere

The Ezy hydro droplet provides soothing sounds of falling water. It accomplishes a wall of falling water that appears to drift down from above the height of walls or ceilings. The rainfall effect is a continuous hydro drop stream.

Intriguing rain effect

Ezy Hydro droplet provide an attractive and intriguing addition to your home. Combining falling raindrops, an integrated LED light effect and a microprocessor-controlled pump creates a slightly different effect every time it’s turned on. 

  • Captivating water feature
  • Warmth of falling rain on all four seasons
  • Creating the romantic effect of falling rain

Evokes an individual personality

The Ezy hydro droplet is perfect for the residential or commercial resident who appreciates the sound and movement of falling rain. The hand-guided feature complements both contemporary and modern settings. With a wide variety of finishes, each rain curtain water wall evokes an individual personality.

Soothing impression of rain without the mess

Ezy Hydro droplet

The Ezy Hydro Features rain curtain water wall, with a fall perfect for relaxation, is the perfect addition to your living space.

It appears fresh, clean rain droplets are falling down from the ceiling. All water features can be used during the day or at night and make a dynamic addition to any building.

Controlled droplet streams

Inspired by the natural beauty of raindrops, our rain curtain water wall utilizes harmless weatherized micro-filaments to create controlled droplet streams that move within a transparent acrylic case.

LED light system:

LED lighting allows the modern effect to be any color of the rainbow and is fully DMX controllable.

Size Customizable

Ezy hydro droplet can be customized according to your living space.

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