Ezy Hydro Torrent

This innovative water feature alters the flow of the water in such a way that results in a gorgeous blade of water that cascades as a beautiful sheet into a pool or reservoir below. This gives the impression of a perfect sheet or curtain of water which is great for complimenting modern gardens, and can be illuminated at night to great effect with an LED kit or spotlights.

Eye pleasing

The perfect eye-pleasing complement to modern gardens, this beautifully designed water feature will amaze you. The cascading sheet of water can be illuminated with an optional LED kit or spotlights for a nighttime spectacle that is out of this world. The water flows in a way that results in a cascade of luminescent droplets – they are truly magical at night.

Bringing a touch of nature

The Ezy Hydro Torrent cascade wall water feature will create a stunning centerpiece in any garden. Water flows through the large copper pipes, gently falling onto the blade, before continuing down into a stream below. LED lights can be added to increase the beauty of this dazzling display at night.

  • self-contained
  • extended durability
  • Made with good quality GI

Modern design

Bring an element of modern style to your home or garden with this contemporary fountain. The high-quality finish of this sleek water fountain greatly adds to its overall effect as the water gently shimmers out of it, creating a wonderful display.

Tranquility to gardens and backyard spaces.

Ezy Hydro Torrent

The Ezy Hydro torrent can be placed in any garden, water body or landscape. It utilizes the principles of hydraulics to produce a sheet of water which produces a stunning visual effect.

The Ezy Hydro Torrent is a contemporary option for creating a feature in your garden. With its fully adjustable height which can be raised to over 2m above the ground, and the ability to be paired with LED’s or spotlights at night, this rainfall will bring something different to your outdoor space. With its robust design and quality materials including high-grade polycarbonate and stainless steel, your Ezy Hydro Torrent will be admired by friends and family for years to come.

Customizable LED lights

It Illuminates your water feature at night for a stunning glowing effect
Each strip light comes with an IP68 rating making it completely maintenance-free and fully submersible, perfect for using in your water feature for years to come

Adds Tranquility

The Ezy Hydro torrent will bring tranquility and elegance to any garden.


The unique design creates a sheet or curtain of water which leaves onlookers in awe. The design is sturdy and durable, able to withstand all weather conditions. The modern design complements most modern gardens and homes.

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