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For Healthy Climate

  • Water objects not only create an incomparable mood in rooms, terraces and gardens. Their most important feature is the optimization of the indoor climate
  • Even a small water wall noticeably lifts the humidity and ensures a healthy indoor climate. Water walls and objects are air purifiers that bind suspended particles such as pollen or dust and literally wash them out of the room air. Odor or toxins adhering to the dust are neutralized.

Water Wall + Plant Wall

  • Our combination solution of water wall and plant wall combines the stimulating effect of water with the outstanding multifunctional properties of a plant wall . This significantly reduces acoustic problems.
  • Sound insulation in a double pack: Water walls break the sound waves, plant walls are equipped with a sound-absorbing core. At the same time pollutants are filtered and converted into oxygen. The combination of water wall and plant wall sustainably improves the indoor climate, has a positive effect on body and mind and leads to more effectiveness in the workplace with low

Perfect Humidifier

  • Trust in the natural power of water. Soft rippling has a soothing, almost meditative effect, and dispels any everyday stress in no time at all. Water objects are available in many different forms – as freestanding objects or permanently installed, you can bring the music of nature into the office or your home with a water wall, a designer fountain, a room fountain, a water column or a water picture. In combination with a plant wall, you create a true oasis of well-being with significant added value for your indoor climate.
  • Let your creativity play – every water object has its own charm.