Ezy Hydro Cylindrical Fountain


Create Cool Vibes

Turn any space into a stunning fountain with the Hydro Cylindrical fountain! This water panel bubble wall is perfect for creating a cool atmosphere for summertime drinks or parties.

  • Fully self-contained
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Combination is available to meet your width

Captivating Visuals

The transparent acrylic panels house bubble generators that move up and down the panels. The result is a captivating display that is sure to add energy to any party, home or bar décor

Designed for every event

It features an acrylic panel with an internal light that makes the bubbles viewable when turned on. The panel also functions as a room divider to separate spaces. Every event will be even more enjoyable with this accessory!

Leave your guests with an unforgettable impression.

Ezy Hydro Cylindrical Fountain

The Ezy-Hydro Cylindrical Fountain is a blown wall fluid panel. It is designed to be a decorative piece that can provide you with a water screen and water bubble walls. 

Inside the frame, there is an integrated 3D LED lighting system that makes bubbles visible from inside as well as outside of the cylinder when it operates. By programming patterns into the control box, the user can change its color, its speed, and its density.

Highly decorative

This cylindrical fountain is highly decorative, perfect for home and commercial use.

Customizable- design your own

We customize the cylindrical fountain size according to your available space.

Remote control - changing LED lights

Whether you want a romantic, elegant, or simply flowing water effect, There are 17 different color effects/RGB modes for option, so that you can change the water color with a remote controller to fit your mood.

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