Ezy Hydro Stone Fall

With a flowing, natural look, our Ezy Hydro Stone Fall serves as the ultimate clean-lined modern water feature. The panels are ordered to mix up the pattern to create a dynamic waterfall feature. The crisp edges of the cascading water flow beneath the low and wide-set white stone framework.

Bold Granite Panels

With its bold granite panels, our Ezy Hydro stone fall water feature creates a visually dynamic element that is sure to make a statement.

It is a bold addition to any outdoor space. Building upon its reputation for unrivaled quality and innovation, designITEzy has designed this product to take advantage of authentic natural stones, while enhancing strength and durability without sacrificing aesthetics.

Dramatic geometry

Contrasting white natural stone framework stands out against the dark stone and adds definition to the edge of the surrounding area.

The dramatic geometry of Ezy Hydro Stone Fall adds visual drama to any outdoor space. This water feature is perfectly scaled for small to medium-sized spaces. Black granite panels are ordered in stepped-fashion, to systematically decrease in both thickness and width until each pair meet at a dramatic inverted angle.

  • Visually dynamic element
  • Contrasting stone framework,
  • Impressive frontyard / backyard water feature

Heavenly surrounding

This gorgeous water feature includes a trail of granite ledges and integrated lighting. At night, the LED lights create a heavenly atmosphere.

Precisely cut granite ledges create water effects in the unique Ezy Hydro Stone Waterwall for your outdoor gathering space. The water wall echoes the shape and flow of a natural waterfall and can be tailored to complement any surrounding landscape.

Tranquil water experience

Ezy Hydro Stone fall

The natural beauty of cut stone sets the stage for a tranquil water experience that extends over a bed of galvanized steel tubing. Stippled with dripping patterns and natural striations, the stone features a harmonic balance between smooth edges and rough textures. This subtle design contrasts markedly with the linearity of the hand-harvested granite inlays and creates a dynamic soundscape as heavy rain hits the water wall.

This striking wall is created from carefully located linear granite ledges that vary in size and width to resemble the flowing water found in nature. It’s one of many great examples of how our handcrafted products can work seamlessly with your modern custom spaces.

calming accent

Ezy Hydro Stone Fall has been meticulously created with a focus on balance and harmony, to offer a sense of calm and tranquility, perfect for the changing weather.

Best for frontyard / backyard

Complete your backyard retreat with the natural beauty of Ezy Hydro Stone Fall. This focal point features various-sized granite ledges of varying widths to add interest and depth to your landscape while creating a relaxing water feature.

Size can be customized

The stone wall can be customized in height and width to suit the space required.

changing LED lights

You can determine which LED lights or enjoy both at once to add a highlight to the granite ledge placements.


Ezy Hydro Stone fall is an array of weatherproof granite ledges that create a focal point and the sound of dripping water.

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