Ezy Hydro Build Fall



Add a peaceful oasis to the patio with the Ezy hydro build fall.

A blend of black river rock and polish stainless steel together adds richness to one’s garden and front yard. 

Elegant & stylish

The Ezy hydro build fall inspires the elegant, yet simple style of a custom-built waterfall.

The basin design is unique with a great capacity of water storage than usual.

The combination of river rock and water, together with the reflective polish stainless steel enhances the beautiful classic style.

  • It is an ideal water feature for home and garden
  • Product features that everyone desires
  • Beautiful custom outdoor waterfall

Ideal for serenity

The Ezy hydro build’s fall reflects the surrounding environment as it cascades down the mirror finish channel in one continuous flow. It creats a tranquil soundscape that pervades throughout the garden.

Reflect classic style in Patio

Ezy hydro build fall

Ezy hydro build fall is a literal interpretation of the word “wow.” It is an art that sparks conversation and brings color, movement, and sound to the landscape. It creates a focal point to gather around.

Reflective water basins bring soothing energy and calm connectivity with nature. 

Calming experience

Ezy hydro build fall provides a calm experience within the congested city while creating interest from the surrounding buildings.

Beautiful ambience

The product illuminates with light which creates an ambiance, unlike any other space.

Custom size

Customize the product as per your requirement of space

Changeable LED lights

LED lighting allows the elegant effect to be any color of the rainbow and is fully DMX controllable. The build fall is nature’s most mysterious.

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