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Our Products

Ezy Hydro Build Fall

The Ezy Hydro build fall is inspired by the elegant, yet simple style of custom-built water features

Ezy Hydro Rivulet

Ezy Hydro Rivulet is created to add a beautiful and ornate feature. Two curved water walls cascade down from a single, domed head, creating a pond that overflows into two lower pools of equal depth.

Ezy Hydro Stone Fall

With a flowing, natural look, our Ezy Hydro Stone Fall serves as the ultimate clean-lined modern water feature.

Our Story

Who we are

We are a professional design firm “Design It Ezy” started by young entrepreneurs building on design obsession and a vision that every home deserves to be a designer home and every person deserves designer living.

A design talent powerhouse with high caliber design experts from across Indian design schools.
Full-service offering from conceptualization to design, planning, visualization, and project management with utmost care of personalization and quality delivery.

Ezy Hydro

Cylinder Fountain

Ezy Hydro Cylindrical Fountain is a water panel bubble wall/screen and a room divider is an amazing product that is perfect for various parties, home, and bar decoration.

It is designed with an acrylic panel with an internal light that makes the dancing bubble visible and attractive. With its rectangular shape that fits any indoor decors. It also provides freestanding base support with light fixture and interchangeable color filters that gives a fantastic look. There are 17 different color effects/RGB modes for an option so that you can change the watercolor with a remote controller to fit your mood.

Ezy Hydro


The Ezy hydro vortex fountain is enclosed in a cylinder of transparent acrylic, which appears to fuse with the water itself, giving the impression of a solid block of liquid rising out of the ground. In the center of the fountain, a large air-core vortex rises and falls, creates an optical illusion of water draining in a never-ending spiral while also simultaneously overflowing in a graceful trickle.

This water feature is alive as the ever-changing vortex pulses behind a shimmering wave of water over the outside of what appears to be a solid piece of glass. All witnessed in perfect clarity and detail.

Ezy Hydro


This innovative water feature alters the flow of the water in such a way that results in a gorgeous blade of water that cascades as a beautiful sheet into a pool or reservoir below.

This gives the impression of a perfect sheet or curtain of water which is great for complimenting modern gardens, and can be illuminated at night to great effect with an LED kit or spotlights.

The water flows in a way that results in a cascade of luminescent droplets – they are truly magical at night.

Fully Automatic


Ezygrow is an all-in-one system that’s designed to help you grow the highest quality yields. Nurturing your plants so only the best produce makes it to the finish line. We’re making gardening easy.

Ezygrow is the future of home growing. Curated plant samples are at the heart of Ezygrow. This means no more worrying about which strains to grow; just pick your favorite from a list of tried and true plants. The system takes everything you need to grow successfully and puts it in one box, and odds are it already fits into your lifestyle, as well as under your bed or anywhere you can think to store it.


  • The Design talent is exceptional…..

    Ravi Jadhav
    Indian Film Director
  • The designITezy products are very versatile and creative. I highly recommend it to my friends

    Farah Khan
    Indian film director, choreographer
  • I am extremely pleased with the work done by “designITezy”

    Milind Gunaji
    Indian actor
  • I can just say Wow!!! The products
    are creative and unique. Highly recommend…

    Bela Shende
    India Playback Singer
  • Absolutely fantastic design !!

    Rani Gunaji
    Indian Actor
  • Determination and Innovation helped these young entrepreneurs find a solution to a problem many of us face.

    Harsh Mariwala
    Founder and Chairman of Marico

Perfect Design

Our dedicated interior & exterior designers work with you tirelessly to tie your style with their design expertise, creating the perfect interior design concept.

Carefully Planned

Transform your spaces with interior & exterior products that make optimal use of available space.

Smartly Execute

Make the most of compact spaces with space saving products that are ingenuous & Innovative.

Super Team .

From concept through designing, to the finishing touches of each of your projects, you can rely on the our team to deliver a personal environment tailored specifically for you. By interpreting an individual client’s style and needs, our licensed designers can successfully incorporate function while following current fashion trends..

Our Expertise .

Interior Design85%
3D Skills85%

The Talent Behind the Reputation

Design your interior to be timeless, sustainable, efficient and beautiful.

We believe in long term design value, which we achieve by selecting quality pieces and through timeless design.

Guided by clients’ aspirations, as well as their diverse experiences, the firm designs singular interiors & exterior products, which allow clients to fully express who they are, and what holds meaning to them.

Supported by an underlying thread of sustainable quality, Design It Ezy ensures that the clients’ greatest investment is also their greatest source of comfort, pride and self-expression.