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Have Fun with Plants

Digital Wall Planter is not just more affordable, it is better in every way. Easier to use, higher performance, more adaptable, greener. Now vertical gardening is within reach of every gardener from brown thumbs to green, from beginners to professionals. So, be inspired and have more fun with plants!


Due to the special substrate used in the picture frame, the air-purifying effect of the growing artworks can not only withstand the comparison with the full-surface plant wall or the green partition , but is even slightly larger..

Increase Health & Well Being

Greening the indoor environment  is a convenient and effective way to significantly improve indoor air quality. Just a few plants cause a noticeable increase in humidity, which should ideally be between 40 and 60 percent, for example, to prevent respiratory diseases, dry skin, tired eyes or even virus infections

They cleanse the environment air of toxic substances, reduce particulate pollution and improve breathing air by consuming carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Green plants evaporate water through their leaves, which is released back into the room air – thus they regulate the humidity naturally.

With our plant pictures , you get living art at a truly amazing price and with the same benefits for indoor climate and work psychology that are inherent in any place.