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World’s First Fully Automatic Digital Plant Pot.

The idea of the theme of “Clean India Green India” with focus on Swachh Bharat Mission by Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi originated from an ambition to create a techno-organic base for nurturing life and cultivating growth.The digital age we live in no longer accepts the semantics of ancient craft and demands multi-sensorial experiences – any object we bring in our house should be an expression of our modern being and development.

By keeping in mind the two flagship schemes of the Government – ‘Swachh Bharat’ and ‘Digital India’  We have Designed the world’s first Fully automatic Digital pot for 21st century It’s filled with sensors measuring soil moisture .Digital pot plant could be big news for the sad looking greenery in the corner of your office or apartment or any where in your city .The Digital Pot takes the guesswork out of keeping your plants healthy & happy .

As The Aim And Vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister  Shri Narendra Modi ji for digital india is Automatically the Aim and responsibility of Every Member of india . So From Today our Team Aim ,Vision & Responsibility to Make India ‘Swachh Bharat’ and ‘Digital India’ 

High-tech “Digital Pot” is a self watering plant pot

A month vacation ? No problem: Leave your plants in the care of this digital pot available in 200+ colors

Every year in to state the obvious 6 crore plants die , plants cannot live without water – a protracted dry spell in the summer months can result in serious losses the plants most at risk. Newly planted shrubs and trees, bedding plants, shallow-rooted vegetables and climbers growing close to a house. Even deep rooted well established plants like Roses can suffer, trials have shown that growth is impaired and the flowering season is curtailed if these plants are not watered during a dry summer.

A point is reached when there is not enough water left to support healthy plant growth, and foliage starts to appear dull. Leaf rolling is soon followed by wilting and leaf fall, the final stage is death.

Considering the few principles The solution is, obviously, to water – but to do this properly is not as simple as it sounds. Timing, quantity and method all have to be considered. Considering all prospective we have designed the world’s First Fully Automatic Digital pot – self Watering plant pot.