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World's First Fully Automatic Digital Aquarium

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Inspiration got for designing this product 

Few years back we have seen a video  where a father Have taken leave who was working in MNC, leave was taken for holiday. when father came home he told her 9 yrs daughter that i got 6 days holiday for out trip but when he saw he’s beautiful aquarium he told her daughter that if we will go for 6 days our cute little fishes will die because for oxygen, food , and dirty water. so looking this they have canceled plan for trip

By this video we got inspiration to design a new type of aquarium which can automatically manage all that things which are required for fishes to live happy for 30 days without human efforts.
We made a plan for every thing but when we stated working in that and search material in market we cant find components and material in ready manner. that time was difficult but at that time we decided that we will manufacture every component according to our requirements .

Now we have launched our Worlds first aquarium . Digital aquarium has got innovation of the year award by Mr Devendra  Fadnavis Chief Minister of Maharashtra.